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SST Sensing

Electronics      Workshop

9am-12pm  and 1-4pm Sunday 22nd September,  Snooker and Social Club, Biggar.


Electronics Workshop

Venue, date and time

9am-12pm and repeated 1-4pm Sunday 22nd September

Snooker and Social Club, Biggar

Suitable for

This event is suitable for P6 and over.  Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Electronics is all around us.  The explosion in electronics since the 1950s has been exponential.  We are rarely more than a few metres from a piece of electronics.   Our smart phones boast many thousands of times the computing power of the first microchips which guided the Apollo moon landings. Every computer in the world; every "intelligent" device; every modern means of powered transport and even your toaster, contains electronics.

Over a two to three hour session, we'll be teaching you to solder and then make a fun gadget to take home and we'll help you understand how it works.

This event sold out last year, so booking is strongly recommended.
(We will be making a different gadget this year). 

This event is supported by SST Sensing

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