Caithness Leisure

Flight and Race simulator experience

  10am - 4pm Saturday 21st September 2019, outside Biggar Corn Exchange, Biggar


Flight Simulator

Venue, date and time

10am-4pm Saturday 21 September 2019 

Outside Biggar Corn Exchange, Biggar

Suitable for

Everyone! (age 3 and up)

Experience the thrills, spills, g-forces and exhilaration of flying in a combat jet or driving at high speed through forests in a rally car. This simulator will give you a fully immersive experience that you won't forget in a hurry - and it's all because physics can fool your brain!


You may have seen these large flight simulators at fairgrounds and air shows. Now you can experience one in the heart of Biggar. The simulators are fully immersive and can be configured to let you experience: TT Motorbike Racers - RS 2000 Rally Car - Tornado Jet - F16 Jet - Harrier Jet - Astro Canyon Roller Coaster and many more. Einstein postulated the equivalence principle with special relativity to predict that clocks run at different rates in a gravitational potential, and light rays bend in a gravitational field, even before he developed the concept of curved spacetime. In the theory of general relativity, the equivalence principle is the equivalence of gravitational and inertial mass, and Albert Einstein's observation that the gravitational "force" as experienced locally while standing on a massive body (such as the Earth) is the same as the pseudo-force experienced by an observer in a non-inertial (accelerated) frame of reference. In other words, when the simulator changes it position and angle, it feels exactly like you are accelerating.

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