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Photo &    Video Competition

Terms  & Conditions

Biggar Science Festival

BSF photography and video competition terms and conditions

Please take your photos and videos responsibly and always follow the Countryside Code. You can find more information here: 


Entrants must not cause injury or do anything to distress any animal or damage its habitat, either deliberately or inadvertently, whilst trying to take a photograph or video. This includes the flying of drones, which should not be flown too close or too noisily to wildlife, or their habitats or nest sites.

Current Government guidance regarding Coronavirus must be adhered to at all times when taking photographs and videos. 

Photographs and videos must be taken responsibly adhering to all government guidelines across the British Isles. Respect must be given for local habitats, communities and businesses such as farmland and nature reserves where there may be local instructions in place for visitors, walkers and others enjoying the countryside.

For health and safety reasons relating to Coronavirus we will not accept hard copies sent through the post.

Entries must be submitted electronically as described on our website competition pages.

Entrants can submit up to 3 photos or videos. If an entrant submits more than three submissions, only first three to be received will be judged in each category.

Photos should be high-res JPEG format.

BSF is aware that digital photography does allow for some image enhancement. You can enter images that have had spots, scratches or other blemishes removed. You can have worked on the colour or enhanced the image for the sake of the composition. You can also crop the image to improve composition.

We will not accept composite images - entries that stitch two or more separate photographs together to make one image, or entries that superimpose elements photographed separately onto an image.

We want you to stay faithful to the spirit of the competition, and never deceive the viewer or misrepresent the aspect of science and nature being portrayed. BSF reserve the right to exclude any image they believe may have been excessively treated so as to alter its authenticity.

Entrants must not be professional photographers. For the purposes of this competition, a professional photographer will be considered to be someone who makes more than half their annual income from the sale of their photographs.

The competition closes at midnight on 6th December 2020. Entries received after this date will not be considered. 

Entrants will retain copyright in the photographs and videos that they submit to the BSF. By entering the competition all entrants grant to the BSF the right to publish, use and exhibit their photographs in perpetuity. Entrants also agree to take part in post – competition publicity. No fees will be payable for any of the above uses. While we make every effort to credit photographers, including in printed reproductions of their work, we cannot guarantee that every broadcast use of the photographs will include the photographers' names.  

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