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The Wonderful World of Wildflowers
7pm-  8:30pm |    Wednesday, 9th September 2020

The United Kingdom is one of the most nature depleted countres in all of Europe. In the time since World War II, the UK's natural and agricultural environments have changed dramatically. Amongst the changes in Scotland is the loss of 98% of traditionally managed hay meadows. Britains famlands are no longer the wonderfully biodiverse landscapes teaming with wildlflowers and farmland birds that they used to be. Wildlflowers, or plants native to a place, are central to the health of all living things in an environment, including human beings. In Scotland, we must urgently reverse the decline of native plants in our gardens, farmlands, woodlands and moorlands. We have reached a point where 'weeds' can no longer be viewed as weeds. 

Presenter: Stuart Ritchie, The Educational Gardener,  Castlebank Horticultural Centre, Lanark.

Parasites: friend or foe? 
7pm-  8:30pm | Thursday, 10th September 2020

Parasites are remarkable mini-beasts that have adapted to live inside us and other animals. Our changing climate and an increase in travel to remote areas of the world has increased our encounters with a wide range of different parasites. Prof Lee Innes of the Moredun Research Institute will discuss the fascinating relationship we have with the many parasites that live inside us and why some of them can be deadly and some may actually be beneficial to us.

Presenter: Prof Lee Innes, Director of Communications, Moredun Research Institute

Jobs in Lifesciences
7pm-  8:30pm | Friday, 11th September 2020

This is a short presentation giving insight and advice to people who are looking to make a break into the scientific workplace.  The presentation covers what kind of roles are available, alongside some insights into writing the perfect scientific CV and preparing for your interview.  

Presenter: Gavin Gallimore, STEM Recruitment Solutions

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