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Richard Wiseman

Science of magic

Johnny Ball

20th and 21st September

Electrical machines

Venue: Kirkstyle Hotel, Biggar High St

What Causes Dementia?

7pm - Monday 16th September   


Dementia is a broad term for diseases that affect the ability of the brain to send messages correctly, leading to difficulties in processing information. Dr Sarah McGlasson will discuss the different types of dementia and the cutting edge research that is being done to try and halt or slow progression of this devastating disease. Dr Margaret Brown will discuss the applications to care and everyday life that hope to improve the life of people with dementia.

Speakers: Dr Margaret Brown, University of the West of Scotland and Dr Sarah McGlasson, University of Edinburgh.

Chemistry or Magic? The Many Colours of Medieval Stained Glass

7:30pm - Tuesday 17th September  

9316 (1).jpg

In medieval times, the art of making glass would have been seen as alchemy or magic to many - even for those who made it. Today, with our knowledge of the periodic table we can explain how the incredible array of colours of stained glass were created. This talk will explore the hidden chemistry behind the making of medieval stained glass found in cathedrals across Europe.

Speaker:  Helen Spencer, Heriot Watt University.

Electrical Machines and the Digital Revolution in Mathematics

7:30pm - Wednesday 18th September  

image001 (3).jpg

A typical household may have 50-100 electric motors, and modern societies are utterly dependent on electric motors and generators. Although these machines follow long-established design principles, major changes have taken place in materials, electronic control, and the methods used in design since the 1970s. The design methods have foundations in applied mathematics, and Prof. Miller will  illustrate the digital revolution in calculating methods, with examples from current software and with reference to the classical background (including James Clerk Maxwell in particular). This talk should appeal to those interested in electric vehicles, renewable generation, and how mathematics fits into an important branch of engineering.

Speaker: Emeritus Prof. Tim Miller.

Environmental Remediation of Fukushima Prefecture
7.30pm - Monday  23rd September 


Following the accidents at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in March 2011, an unprecedented programme of remediation was initiated to allow evacuated residents to return home at the earliest opportunity. Dr Alan Cresswell has been working in Fukushima on environmental radioactivity measurements in support of remediation efforts. His presentation will detail the techniques deployed for remediation and measuring the effectiveness of these, and the progress towards recovery.

Speaker: Dr. Alan Cresswell, Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre.

Water Efficiency Workshop

7.30pm - Tuesday 24th September 


Unfortunately this event has been cancelled.

Caring for Dementia - Your Questions Answered!

7.30pm - Wednesday 25th September 

Seniors Socializing

An informal opportunity to ask about caring for people with dementia.


Hear about best practice for dementia care and get answers your questions about how to provide the best possible quality of life for those with the condition.

Speaker: Raymond Duffy, University of the West of Scotland.

NB.  Change of venue

This talk will now be held in St Mary's Hall, North Back road, Biggar.

Why is rabies still a killer?

7.30pm - Thursday 26th September 


Rabies kills 60 000 people each year yet the disease can be effectively prevented in both humans and dogs through dog vaccination. This presentation will review ongoing work which is reducing the incidence of rabies in sub Saharan Africa and India and will highlight some of the novel approaches which have recently being developed to vaccinate large populations of dogs more effectively. The talk will aim to persuade the audience that rabies eradication is both feasible and cost effective and that achieving the audacious goal of a canine rabies free world only requires ambition, funding prioritisation and leadership.

Speaker: Prof. Richard Mellanby, Royal (Dick)  Veterinary School.

Suitable for

Adults and interested Teens.

Water efficiency
Caring for Dementia
Why rabies is still a killer
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