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Biggar Science  Festival 2022

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Story Zone

All the events below are free and require no booking – just turn up at the venue shown.

Some events have to be booked due to limited number of places, but many are free.

Electric Vehicle Display
10am to 4pm | 10th September 2022
| Venue: Loaningdale  car park

Electric vehicles will be parked in a section of the car park at Loaningdale for owners

to display their cars and be available to chat to you about their experience of

buying and driving their particular car.


Sponsored by Electric Vehicle Association Scotland.


Honey and wound healing another reason to save our Bees? |
Patrick Pollock
2pm | 10th September 2022
| Venue:   Speakers' Tent

Although his professional work is as a Veterinary Surgeon, at home Patrick has been a keen beekeeper for many years.


He has also done research work on wound healing and in 2014 he and his colleagues presented work outlining the effect of Scottish heather honey on wound infections.

Learn more!

The need for local organic food production | Dr Miesbeth Knottenbelt
2:30pm | 10th September 2022
| Venue:   Speakers' Tent

Miesbeth works for Nourish Scotland which has been working on food policy and practice for nearly ten years.


The objective being to encourage a food system that is fairer, healthier and more sustainable, which truly values nature and people.

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Developing Crops and Systems to Meet Future Food demands |
Rob Hancock
3pm | 10th September 2022
| Venue:   Speakers' Tent

With the extreme pressures that Climate Change and water shortages are already putting on food production across the World, and a Global population projected to be 9.7 billion by 2050, we will need a step change in how food crops are produced.

Learn more!

The progress & future of indoor growing systems | Douglas Elder
3:30pm | 10th September 2022
| Venue:   Speakers' Tent

With the extreme pressures that Climate Change and water shortages are already putting on food production across the World, and a Global population projected to be 9.7 billion by 2050, we will need a step change in how food crops are produced.

Learn more!

John Riley from Biggar Community Market Garden chairs a  Q&A with the previous speakers
4pm | 10th September 2022
| Venue:   Speakers Tent

John is Chairman of the Community Interest Company "Biggar Food Growing Group"
which plans to set up a market garden on the edge of the town, if funding can be


He will give some background on the project and then chair a question &
answer session with the previous speakers, to give you a chance to ask any
pertinent questions about the future of food growing in Scotland.

Understanding GPS | Steve McTaggart
8pm | 10th September 2022
| Venue:   Speakers' Tent

Steve McTaggart, local helicopter pilot, explains all you need to know about GPS Systems!

His talk will cover:

Introduction of Steve and the helicopter, What is GPS, How it works, GPS accuracy etc, GPS satellite systems, What is a GPS Satellite signal and sources of error, WAAS system origins and how it works  (wide area augmentation system), Short video of how GPS works, Navigation using compass GPS etc, Earth magnetic poles and variation, Nextgen navigation a short video, Quick round up and any questions

Rob tower.jpg
John Riley photo.jpeg
Space Satellite
Rob tower.jpg
Rob tower.jpg
Rob tower.jpg
Rob tower.jpg
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Walk-in activities (No booking required)
Glasgow Science Centre  - Bodyworks
  | Venue: Loaningdale Gallery

Bodywork On Tour - Bodyvision Exhibits:


Drop in and get hands-on with a range of engaging anatomy themed exhibits. With our expert science communicators explore cardiovascular fitness, body composition and the effects of lifestyle choices like smoking.

Walk-in activities (No booking required)
Dynamic Earth - Deep Sea exploration
| Venue: Walk in Tent

Discovering the Deep project looks at a number of themes:

  • Scotland’s history of marine discovery: We will reveal the stories of pioneering marine discovery, such as Edinburgh scientist Charles Wyville Thomson whose voyages in the 1800s paved the way for modern oceanography.

  • Modern oceanography: We will communicate the fascinating discoveries of contemporary marine research and techniques modern scientists use to explore the deep.

  • Scotland’s stunning deep-sea ecosystems: We will reveal the largely unknown species and spectacular cold-water coral reefs just beyond our shores and demonstrate the interconnectedness of the world’s oceans and the threats faced to marine environments everywhere.

Walk-in activities (No booking required)
Solar observing (weather dependent) with Cosmos planetarium  |   
Venue: Walk in Tent

The Sun is easy to observe and it is close enough to see the fascinating details. With many other objects in the sky, you see the same details. The Sun can surprise us daily with new events, sometimes it can be only a matter of minutes.


This activity is dependent on clear skies!

Walk-in activities (No booking required)
Aero Space Kinross and Aero Space Scientific Educational Trust |   
 Venue: Walk in Tent

Create a glowing nebula or constellation with a simple electronic circuit, make a model helicopter (like 'Ingenuity' on Mars) out of paper, launch a rocket using different propulsion methods and more. Lots of take-home science crafts and interactive experiments for all ages. Drop in anytime for some fun!


Get your photo with Tim Peake. Spacesuits for dressing up. Get dressed up as an astronaut and have your photo taken with Tim Peake*

Walk-in activities (No booking required)
Biggar Gin |   
 Venue: Walk in Tent

Find out how gin is distilled using a still, make some colour changing gin by infusing flowers, some gin that goes cloudy when mixed with water. For the grown-ups Biggar gin will be serving drinks and selling bottles to take home!

Walk-in activities (No booking required)
Story zone |   
 Venue: Walk in Tent

Local stars will read some of their favourite space science books. 14:00-14:45 will be aimed at preschoolers with a book and songs. 15:00-1600 will be aimed at primary school. Everyone is welcome to join in.

Walk-in activities (No booking required)
Clydesdale Astronomical Society |   
 Venue: Walk in Tent

Come along to chat to the local astronomical society about their regular observing activities and see the range of observing equipment they use.

Walk-in activities (No booking required)
 Venue: Walk in Tent

The Moredun Mobile lab will be visiting Biggar Science Festival on Saturday 10th September.

Come along and experience being a Disease Detective and find out about viruses, bacteria and parasites - how we detect them and help prevent diseases.

The Moredun Foundation is owned and governed by farmers and conducts research and education to find solutions to control infectious diseases.

Walk-in activities (No booking required)
Leonardo aerospace |   
 Venue: Walk in Tent

Leonardo is a global high-tech company and a leading player in Aerospace, Defence and Security. We are committed to inspiring the next generation of engineers and operate a national education programme aimed at encouraging young people to take an interest in science and technology throughout their academic careers.

Come and chat to the Leonardo team and find out more about our technology and why we think STEM is so important!


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