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Richard Wiseman

Science of magic

Johnny Ball

20th and 21st September

Venue: Kirkstyle Hotel, Biggar High St

Electronics in Space

7pm - 9pm Wednesday 22nd  January 2020  


Space is a hostile and dangerous environment, not only for man but also for the hardware, especially the electronics essential for space exploration.  In this talk, Jim Gibb of the Clydesdale Astronomical Society will discuss electronics in spaceflight from the early days right up to the latest missions, and describe the hazards that the astronauts & electronic systems encounter. We will see the testing & protection that the systems require in order to endure the harsh environments of the solar system and beyond. 

Speaker:  Jim Gibb

Women in Computing

7pm - 9pm Wednesday 19th February 2020 


Many fascinating women have worked in computing since Ada Lovelace’s first ground-breaking work in computer programming. Much like the characters in NASA film ‘Hidden Figures’, these women’s innovative activities changed modern life, but were conducted behind closed doors without applause or acclaim.


For example, they innovated computer technology that contributed to the creation of cash machines, search engines and mobile phone applications which everyone uses on a daily basis. 


Women started off as ‘Human Computers’: mathematicians who performed all of their calculations by hand. With the advent of Electronic Computers, they became programmers, initially feeding punch cards into computers, making modifications and then finally developing programmes. Bletchley Park provides a vast amount of information on these women, though little is known about their role as computing pioneers.


Speaker: Dr. Carol Marsh, Electronics Technical Manager at Leonardo.

Parasites: Friend or Foe?

7pm - 9pm  Wednesday 18th March 2020


Parasites are remarkable mini-beasts that have adapted to live inside us and other animals. Our changing climate and an increase in travel to remote areas of the world has increased our encounters with a wide range of different parasites. Prof Lee Innes of the Moredun Research Institute will discuss the fascinating relationship we have with the many parasites that live inside us and why some of them can be deadly and some may actually be beneficial to us.

Speaker: Professor Lee Innes.

Silicon Free Chips

7 pm - 9pm   Wednesday 15th April 2020


PragmatIC Printing Ltd. is a world leader in ultra low cost flexible electronics, enabling the potential for trillions of smart objects that can engage with consumers and their environments. Their unique technology platform delivers flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) that are thinner than a human hair and can be easily embedded into everyday objects.


In this talk by PragmatIC's Chief Operating Officer, Ken Williamson, we will learn how the company's technology provides the opportunity to add new functionality, as well as extending proven applications such as RFID and NFC into mass market applications previously prohibited by the cost of traditional silicon ICs.   PragmatIC's novel, differentiated products are being adopted by a growing base of global companies across diverse markets, including consumer goods, games, retail, pharmaceutical and security sectors.

Speaker:  Ken Williamson.

Suitable for

Adults and interested Teens.

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